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Published: 06th November 2012
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Tablet PC, like the current computer or Smartphone to have an operating system or OS by OS currently popular with iOS for Apple IPad, or will the IPad2 camp for popular Blackberry mobile focus partners. Sample Rim OS, Blackberry Tablet PC design in the name is not forgotten Playbook, OS from Microsoft which rao than familiar in computer Windows 7 which is available in several versions of the Tablet PC using the Intel Atom CPU as it focuses on a Tablet PC computer, but Windows does not have the popularity because the weight of heavy resemblance to the Notebook or Laptop because the Windows system requirements, many HDD should not lower than the minimum Ram 100GB, 1GB and many others that are similar to purchase more than selecting the phone purchase. This manual makes the Windows will outweigh the other Tablet PC running OS camp and the last mentioned is Google's Open Source Android which is popular in several brands of phone is prevalent. Certainly in many PC Tablet will not miss a handful of Android and is very popular today is the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Tab2, Tab, Zenithink, iRobot, Flytouch, View Sonic, and many brands. The development of Android considered worth watching because it can't Open Source copyright worries many other camps like OS focus are companies, interested in development of both Hardware and Software for Android Tablet has Android Tablet as many, many options in the market. Therefore, the selection should observe Spec that are appropriate for OS and Software or Application that supports OS that should be enough to satisfy demand in the US, before the Android playlist Flash but now can play. Found in Android 2.2. Older versions of it can come up Firmware is newer.
Current Tablet PC
producers for the world market is China. Regardless, the IPhone, IPad, produced in China IPad2, Samsung, production base in China, so China is developing personnel and modern technology, so we should not measure whether this is because of this, China's foreign production in China it everything we had selected the entire piece. Content and highlight the sapek is better, but not that brand or brands are not quite important! It even almost let China brand quality grade A, with low grade production of the factory that is similar to copy same selection of computer themselves. Not to comply with the brands advertise that this brand is better, depending on the user, we use, as appropriate. Respond to our lifestyle and by rewarding that we lose. Section if we are using the tablet they cheaper Chinese brands, Apple, Samsung, aloud should choose brand or brands that have site for support of these companies will have firmware because customer base worldwide, some companies have zero in Europe and America, but in Thailand. The market is still donkhrop by another giant company than the mere accommodation-China expands market focus by opening up our House, but to Service Center does not have a service center, select the trusted shops and firmware support for us, it is a good choice and may be better to buy the Chinese will come back and carrying case. Because the Chinese if we have no knowledge or know A brand upgrade, we can lose to them this is the lowest grade comes. That these are often not guaranteed sales focus and even see quite end to purchase the foreigner himself, often gave them a low grade of this so they are buying from a shop in Thailand, which has raises, or select a purchase via our Web site with reliable insurance with safer.
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